Pepe Auction allows Rare Pepe collectors to buy and sell their Rare Pepe in a real time auction environment. Simply submit your Rare Pepe Auction by filling out the details requested and watch as bidders take action.

All sellers will need to verify their Rare Pepe prior to their auction being posted. You will be allowed to set your starting price, reserve price, and auction duration.

If your auction sells above your reserve price we’ll mediate the transaction. The seller will need to provide Pepe Auction with the Rare Pepe’s prior to the auction. The the buyer will send the PEPECASH amount to us once the auction has successfully ended. Once we receive the PEPECASH from your auction we will send the Rare Pepe to the buyer and provide the seller with the PEPECASH.

If your auction does not successfully sell above the reserve price, you will be able to run the auction again or request your Rare Pepe to be returned.

Pepe Auction will take a 10% success fee on the transaction. This will be used to cover the fees for transferring the assets and funds. It will also be used to continue to develop this site and cover expenses. We are also considering burning a portion of the success fee.

If you have any questions, please contact us at