How To Get Started

This site uses Pepe Cash as the currency for all of our auctions. We’ll explain what Pepe Cash is and how you can obtain some to start using the site.

Pepe Cash: A digital currency, like Bitcoin, used primarily as the currency to buy and sell Rare Pepe Cards.

How To Obtain: Pepe Cash can be acquired on an exchange like You’ll need to have some Bitcoin to convert it to Pepe Cash.

If you need to buy Bitcoin, there are many different options. We prefer to use

Once you have some Bitcoin, send it over to TuxExchange and buy some Pepe Cash.

Where To Keep Everything

You’ll need to create a wallet to store all of your dank Rare Pepe Cards. There is a really great mobile app called Book of Orbs that you can use as your Rare Pepe wallet. If you prefer something for desktop then try

When you create your wallet, make sure to write down your pass phrase and keep it safe. This will be the only way to get into your wallet. The same pass phrase may be used across all of the platforms that offer these wallets.

How To Start Collecting Rare Pepe Cards

Once you create your wallet with the Book of Orbs app or RarePepeWallet, you’ll see options to buy or sell your Rare Pepe on the market. You can also use to find great deals on all sorts of auctions, or even create your own to sell some of your rare collection.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask us in our chat: